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Premium EXTRA White 11 oz or 15 oz Sublimation Mug – AAA Grade; Premium coated finish for bright and vibrant sublimation images.   FDA certification, SGS certification, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.


Dog Bowls

Ceramic bowls for sublimation printing. Ideal for use as a dog bowl or fruit bowl.


Cat Bowl

Ceramic bowls for sublimation printing. Ideal as a cat bowl, a rabbit bowl and also makes an excellent general purpose decorated bowl for sweets, etc.


Porcelain Jar

This porcelain jar measures 5.75” tall, 3.75” in diameter.  The candy jar is made of our specially formulated bright porcelain ensuring that your image will “pop” when the jar is decorated.  Each jar comes with a wooden cap and rubber seal.  Triple A quality.  Dishwasher safe.


Porcelain Holiday ornaments

  •  Porcelain Round Ornament, 3″diameter, 2-Sided, Gloss
  •  Porcelain Oval Ornament, 3″ oval 2-Sided, Gloss 
  •  Porcelain Snowflake Ornament, 3″ diameter 2-Sided, Gloss
  •  Porcelain Open Wreath Ornament, Pierced Rice Lace 3″ diameter 2-Sided, Gloss
  •  Porcelain Open Wreath Ornament, Pierced Triangle Lace 4″ diameter Single-Sided, Gloss 
  •  Porcelain Heart Ornament, 3″ diameter 2-Sided, Gloss



Customised Tiles 

 Use sublimation as a revolutionary approach to home and office decoration. Decide on which designs or art work will be printed on accent tiles for the bathroom or kitchen or even for a complete mural for a counter top or for your office or basement wall. How about a floor mural?  It’s all possible with sublimation tiles.  Tiles can be displayed one at a time or create murals to add to the décor and ambiance at residences, corporations, schools, retail stores, and sports facilities.  create exclusive, personal pieces for select spaces and projects such as: lobbies, entrances, fireplaces, back splashes, swimming pools, showers, walls, fountains, signage, run with your imagination.
Transfer your image to tiles.

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